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With the 2-4-U Service Plan - Your Service is Included

With the 2-4-U Service plan regularly scheduled maintenance on select new models - based on VW's recommended intervals - is included with your purchase at no additional cost for the first 2 years/30,000 km, or whichever comes first.

With the Volkswagen St. John's 2-4-U Service plan, regularly scheduled maintenance, based on VW's recommended intervals, are included with your purchase at no additional cost.

The 2-4-U Service Plan is Means Lower Cost of Ownership for You!

Included with select new vehicles purchased from Volkswagen St. John's is a 2 year/30,000 km pre-paid maintenance plan. The 2-4-U Service Plan is backed by Volkswagen Canada and comes with many benefits. These benefits include:

  • VW Expertise - With factory procedures, specialized tools, and factory-trained technicians, we know your VW inside and out.
  • Rigorous Multi-Point Inspections - Our expertly trained technicians will perform multi-point inspections during your service visit to spot any potential issues long before they can become problems.
  • Genuine Parts and Fluids - Your German-engineered VW deserves only the best. That's why we only use original VW parts and factory recommended fluids.
  • Comprehensive Coverage - We'll monitor and replace all essential fluids, from brake and transmission fluid, to coolant, engine oil, and more. It's all taken care of, as per VW's Pre-Paid maintenance plan instructions.
  • Regularly Scheduled Service - Our scheduled services are based on VW factory-recommended maintenance timelines, at appropriate mileage intervals.
  • Use The 2-4-U Service Plan at any VW Dealership in Canada - The 2-4-U Service Plan is able to be used at any authorized Volkswagen dealership in Canada. So, if you are travelling, or will be moving away from St. John's during the coverage period, your maintenance plan travels with you.

Here's How the 2-4-U Service Plan Works

With the Volkswagen St. John's 2-4-U Service plan, regularly scheduled maintenance - based on VW's recommended intervals - is included with the purchase of select new vehicles at no additional cost. We have purchased, on your behalf, the 2 year/30,000 km VW Prepaid Maintenance Plan for your specific vehicle.

What's Included in the 2-4-U Service plan

2 factory recommended service checks within 2 Years or 30,000 kms -- whichever comes first

1st Service - 1 Year or 15,000 kms (whichever comes first)
After 1 year or 15,000 kms, whichever occurs first, we will complete the following services:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Brake pads (front & rear) and brake disc condition check
  • Service interval display reset
  • Rotation of all four tires
  • Recycling of waste oil and used oil filter and per provincial standards

2nd Service - 2 years or 30,000 kms (whichever comes first)
After 2 years or 30,000 kms, whichever occurs first, we will complete all items listed under "1st Service", in addition to the following services:

  • Battery condition check
  • Brake, cooling system and windscreen washer fluid check
  • Tire pressure monitoring system, condition, and pressure check
  • Wiper blade check (replacement is not covered under plan if required)
  • Comprehensive visual check
  • Dust and pollen filter replacement

What's Not Included in the 2-4-U Service plan

  • Wearable components such as wiper blades, tires, brakes, belts, hoses, vehicle and key batteries
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Damage caused by neglect or misuse
  • Additional services, such as, winter/summer tire removal, installation and balancing, fuel additive, windshield wash, tire storage, wheel alignments, fluid top-ups

A customer focused service experience.
Treat your customers like you want to be treated. It's a simple concept we employ every day. Our team is driven to provide the best service experience possible.

Our Service reception area is bright, accessible and located in our main showroom area -- not hidden behind a secret door! When your car or SUV is being serviced at Volkswagen St. John's, we have comfortable seating areas if you choose to wait with free WIFI access.

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Drive-in, park and go.
Visiting Volkswagen St. John's for scheduled maintenance is a breeze. Our Drive-through service check-in is easy and convenient. We designed it with customer service as the top priority.

Simply roll up to the garage door, drive-in, and park. Our team will take it from there -- you'll never have to deal with the bad weather again!

Is it a garage, or a showroom?
Your Volkswagen deserves the best care and attention for its regular maintenance.

Our service area boasts 14 lifts, factory trained Volkswagen technicians, the latest automotive tools and technology, and a floor so clean you could eat off... almost.

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