4Motion Technology

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What is 4MOTION?

Volkswagen 4MOTION technology is a proprietary four-wheel drive system designed to maximize traction on slick or unsavoury surfaces. By distributing drive power between the front and rear axles, 4MOTION technology optimizes directional stability, allowing the driver maximum comfort when commuting in breezy or stormy conditions.

In addition, the balance of torque spread between the two axles offers drivers the ability to increase cornering speeds without jeopardizing the safety of passengers. The addition of extra safety reserves gives 4MOTION a clear edge over driver-operated four-wheel drive systems and when paired with quality winter tires, ultimately provides drivers with the optimum all-weather driving experience you've come to expect from Volkswagen.

The Haldex Clutch

The Haldex clutch is an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch that distributes driving forces according to driving conditions. An electronic control unit compensates power when a slip occurs by varying rotation speed between the axles.

The Torsen Differential

The Torsen Differential can best be described as a blend of both torque and sensing. The system detects a slip before it happens, allotting power to the front or rear axle depending on which one needs it most, allowing the vehicle to regain traction. This often occurs unbeknownst to the driver.

To truly appreciate 4MOTION technology is to experience it first hand. Visit the sales team at Volkswagen St. John's today to schedule your test drive in one of our newest Volkswagen vehicles and bask in the joys of premium all-wheel control.

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